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Close your eyes awhile

Close your eyes awhile
and imagine that all people have become poets
*It may happen that a kilogram of Arab bread is sold for ten poems by Ibn al-Rumi
and a cappuccino for two cantos by Dante
that a few terms die out as they are rarely used, such as rendezvous, law, kinship ties, family, tradition
flights are cancelled, and traffic lights as well
It may happen that you go to the grocer and he recites some poetry by Al-Mutanabbi** and so you come back without bread
And coincidently the fig crop for the year is lost
because the fellaheen were broken when they saw a sun in the water
Language will illuminate disorder in taverns
and language will illuminate disorder in the quarters
Words will become so narrow until they get into the heart of wheat
brevity will win against prayers
prose will be sent to exile
and the calendar era will start with the day when Homer spoke
Of the holy books, the Torah will remain
of the messengers, the hoopoe
of Moses’s biography, the heart filled with suspicion
of Noah, a son too smart to want to survive
a wound too deep to heal and an arc too small to pass
of Jesus, eternal orphanhood and the craving for the trunk of palm tree
and poetry will take revenge on Ahmad*** and Abraham until nothing remains save the echoes
The roses will be blessed with two lives
The watch will hang its notebook (hand) on the line of days
The planet atmosphere will be a bag in which the hoarse voice of the sea will be gathered
Water will walk without feet on the head of the man walking on the water
Thirsty farm workers  
touring illusions plowing the dreams of the night
and deviators wandering disappearing like meteors that vanish when they reveal the secret of their youth
the world will be too narrow for meanings
and the poets will inherit the earth
Now that people have become so young
and the world is filled with children
the children won’t invent for themselves sweeter tears or a more refined life
nothing will change in them but our vision. We used to awaken the thorns of darkness in their poems
None of them will know what happened
For they will all be born poets
Close your eyes for a while
Imagine that all people have become painters
The bakers will forget bread amidst the heat as a single loaf is not done yet
the whole week will be painted with the same colors as the days
People will celebrate the anniversary of the rainbow
And fishermen will be terrified to see a whale in the clouds
Imagine that you’re somebody else
You’ll see a crazy painter in your eyes
A few poems out of your ten fingers will be born
Imagine that you are different from what you were
Draw two wings on your backsides
and free your heart from its master
And now
imagine that you are you
You who are different from what you’ve been
And turn your face towards the sea
Make yourself lighter
And pray with poetry for poetry is his own who prays with it
Witness your dust scattered in its light
For the texture of the infinite universe
is but a sock of light in the Lord’s foot
.Ibn al Rumi is a famous Arab poet from the ninth century CE*
Almutannabi is an Arab poet from the 1oth century CE, who is considered as one of the greatest**
.poets in the Arabic language
Ahmed is another name of Prophet Mihammad***

Mahdi Mansour is one of the leading poets in Lebanon and the Arabic world.

His journey in poetry started in 2003, on a television show entitled “Al-moumayazoun” (i.e.: Talented People) which was aired on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC); one of the famous T.V channels in Lebanon during that time. On that show, He competed with poets from Lebanon and the Arabic world and won the golden medal for the category of improvised poetry.

Mansour refined his extraordinary talent and creativity by studying and teaching Arabic literature during his high school and college years. Nevertheless, his interest in sciences especially physics, equaled his passion for the literature and he received his Doctorate degree in Molecular Physics in 2015.

Mansour’s poems were widely recognized in the Arabic world and were praised by fans and critics. He won several prizes for his poetry collection and represented Lebanon in many poetry festivals and educational forums in recent years.