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Passing Through

In every visible wall there is an invisible door,

pores unknown except by god

and entrances for poetry, revelation and souls

My blind body has never passed even through sea-water

Abd had it not been for the wind, the shield of air

between the forest, purpose, and thoughts

would have been torn by a veil

I will pass by this wall

The invisible locks of the unknown

have to accept the key’s attempts

How does the presence of an absent woman

travel from Berlin to Beirut

to a quarter so crowded with the living and the dead

to a cellar built from the mud of solitude, where you live,

to your cellphone,

to your earwax, 

to your ears,

to you?

And as a child who has become a prophet

the voice bears you

in his joyful arms

and this planet crosses its arms 

I will pass by this wall

since “I may pass” may blunt the ridges of my key

The poet’s suspicions have not wearied

Mahdi Mansour is one of the leading poets in Lebanon and the Arabic world.

His journey in poetry started in 2003, on a television show entitled “Al-moumayazoun” (i.e.: Talented People) which was aired on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC); one of the famous T.V channels in Lebanon during that time. On that show, He competed with poets from Lebanon and the Arabic world and won the golden medal for the category of improvised poetry.

Mansour refined his extraordinary talent and creativity by studying and teaching Arabic literature during his high school and college years. Nevertheless, his interest in sciences especially physics, equaled his passion for the literature and he received his Doctorate degree in Molecular Physics in 2015.

Mansour’s poems were widely recognized in the Arabic world and were praised by fans and critics. He won several prizes for his poetry collection and represented Lebanon in many poetry festivals and educational forums in recent years.